Prophecy of the mad Arab

Personal message found on the desk of Ibn Salladh-bar

“and a hunted man bearing testimony shall travel the Empire. And though he be a servant of the Great Mutator, yet shall he die at the hands of His Chosen Ones, the Outcasts, the Nameless Ones created in His image. Yet the Changer, in His inestimable wisdom shall look on and see fit that the testimony shall pass on in the company of others. Through much peril they will travel to the place Where Chaos Awaits and the minions shall seethe in their wake. As strangers they shall come at last bearing the Seal, but though they stab the spider in its very heart, yet shall its gushing blood stir up a greater danger.”

Take heart my Brother. I have recently found this Prophecy. The Time of Change is coming!

This copied text is signed M.M and bears the seal of a hand surrounded by a thick circle.

Prophecy of the mad Arab

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