Priesthood of Morr

Morr’s Garden in Altdorf is generally seen as the centre of the priesthood in the northern Empire although large enclaves of the Order of the Shroud exist both in Nuln and Middenheim.

Once becoming initiated into the Order, a young priest will be given the acoutrements of his office and calling including a dream diary within which he is expected to transcribe portentious dreams that might be sent from the Father of Dreams.

A journeyman Priest of the Order is known as a Walker on the Threshold or simply a Walker. An un-afiliated priest is often incorrectly called a Soothsayer by the public as they are often asked to give a Dooming for a newborn child. Such priests are able to alleviate suffering or more often than not the grieving with a range of simple blessings.

The next rank is an Anointed Priest of Morr, known as a Watcher that requires the priest to delve deeper into the purview of Morr either as an accomplished Doomsayer of dreams and portents or as a Necroscope – a guardian upon the barrier between life and death. These guardians are tasked to stand against the foul habits of Necromancers, the Vampire Counts of Sylvania and wild magics that would block the way to Morr’s side, leaving a spirit stuck in a kind of undeath.

Priesthood of Morr

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