Notes of the mad Arab

Excerpts from the notes of the Mad Arab Salladh-bar
pertaining to collected prophecies

“ beware the Harbingers that will flock in the south to the Place Where Chaos Awaits, and they shall be both the scourge and the sign of the End-Coming.”
Notation: Harbingers? Historically carrion crows or perhaps vultures? South imp.

“ and the sands were spread aside to reveal the ruptured earth beneath and the touch of the Great Mutator poisoned the land.”
Notation: Sands = Khemri? Earthquakes?

“ …and those that bear the Seal of Kett-Shup-Sut shall with many trials before the Maw therein face His Minions and the forces set against them shall be arrayed for battle…
Notation: 4th Dynasty Khemri. Seal was formed as a Katar style dagger in 2 parts. Lost for over 3400yrs. Must ask OF about Altdorf collection.

“…and the threefold edifice, like daggers of the Sun shall rise supine from the earth and shedding their ageing mantles mark the place of the Maw where Chaos seethes in shadow.”
Notation: Daggers of the Sun? tall statues casting shadows?

“…and those to which the Great Mutator offers His seed shall go forth into the land and spread amongst the dominion of Men; changing, always changing.”

Notes of the mad Arab

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