Letter to Reuben concerning the Dagger and the Seal

Letter to Reuben concerning prophecies of the Dagger and Seal

Dear Reuben, I know it is not much for you to go on but as a favour to your superior Cedric Lannrison at the Shrine of Morr, I have delved over these past two days into our archives here at the Collegium Theologica and unearthed some fragments regarding this Dagger and the Seal that it seems to serve.
The first is a fragment within the diary of an unidentified Ulrician priest as follows:

… if my superior is correct, the artefact I have been tasked to find might well be the Dagger of Yul’Kaum, the fabled ritual knife of the 4th Khemri Dynasty said to have been fashioned for the Seal of Kett-shup-sut. It bears all the hallmarks of the Nhekaran Tomb Kings; forged of dark iron, hilt a double finger bone, blood rubies in the hilt. I cannot take the risk that this rumour is nothing more, if the Seal has surfaced then the Herald of the End-time will surely follow – I will journey to Altdorf forthwith.

The second fragment is within the writings of Gerhardt Schoenwasser, apparently a transcript from an unnamed Doomsayer:

…and the companions who shall change yet be the same shall bear the Seal even unto the Great Divide and Incarnadine shall follow in shadow to the very mouth of the Great Mutator there to kneel before even as the four armies approacheth and Harbingers with them shall wait the blood tide…

Cedric and I have spoken at length of your discoveries and we truly believe that this Cult of Tzeentch is intending to use the Dagger somehow to awaken or summon this Herald figure. I’m sure you understand that this might well plunge the Empire into a further turmoil from which it might never resurface.
I therefore have enclosed a letter of introduction to a colleague of mine in Altdorf. Dieter Klemperer is a Celestial Wizard and someone you can trust to aid you on this mission. Meanwhile I will continue my research here and any new discoveries shall be passed onto you via Dieter. May Ulric guide your journey.

Yours in all faith, Professor Adalbert Zweistein, CT, Middenheim

Letter to Reuben concerning the Dagger and the Seal

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