Letter from Salladh-bar

From His most Illustrious
Magister Tenebrae of the Ordo Terribilis
Sheikh Ibn Bal-Arimon Al Salladhbar
Middenheim, Wellentag, 13th Brauzeit

Her most Imperious and Honourable
Doktor Gugula Skell of Talabheim

N Jawrr’thakh Lzimbarr Tzeentch!

Dear Doktor, I hope this missive finds your experiments continuing with all success and fortitude. I hope the articles provided by the Cult are to your benefit? I look forward to seeing them in action before the autumn has ended. You may be interested to know that my continued communication with Count Ondorin of Schloss Von Reuter goes well and I believe that an invitation to his lofty castle will be shortly forthcoming. The Heresiarchy agrees that the Lore of the ancient Counts is invaluable to our understanding of the Gate’s power and I would hope that our offerings prove tempting.
On a different note however I must say that the almost constant interruptions and requests from the Ordo Impedimentae here are becoming insufferable and I have now had to task one of my valued servants as little more than an accountant to document our expenses and fill in the required forms for the Ordo Novitiae. The Cult of course has proved invaluable in speeding my research but the rivalry and bickering seems to slow advances as surely as doing nothing at all. I sometimes envy your independent position and access to resources in Talabheim – and your improved weather!
Still I digress and it won’t be long now before I am ready to put our latest methods into action. Gluckstein has proved rather useful for once and the victims are of a suitable quality and freshness that I believe we are finally on the cusp of a very real breakthrough!
N Jawrr’thakh Lzimbarr Tzeentch!

Hail to Tzeentch, Lord Changer of the Way!

Beside this unfinished letter is a purple wax stub and a seal bearing the symbol of a raised hand within a flaming circle

Letter from Salladh-bar

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