The Blood God. One of the four Chaos Powers, Khorne favours blood, horns and spikes as his symbols along with brass and sanguinal colours. The most bloodthirsty and violent of the Powers, Khorne’s purview is the fury and lust of no-holds barred battle.

“No subtlety has Khorne. He has no yearning for beauty of form in his black heart, for he is the blood god, the skulltaker. Within his immortal frame there is room for rage alone, and slaughter is his only desire.” – from Chaos in the Old World by FFG.

Worshipped by violent cults of Chaos Warriors and Beastmen.

The creatures of Khorne include Fleshounds, Bloodletters, Juggernauts (and Juggerkin) and Greater Demons known as Bloodthirsters.


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