Heirarchy of the Cult of Morr

The Cult of Morr – Hierarchy and Sub Sects by Adolfus Marknich

Lay Persons (including Initiates, Cantors, Guardians and Attendants)

Order of the Shroud (main Priestly body of the Cult)

Black Guard ‘Knightly Order of the Shroud’ (Templar Guardians of the Shrines)

Knights Raven ‘High and Chivalric Order of Deserved Rest’ (non sanctioned)

Fellowship of the Shroud – Vampire Hunters (unofficial branch of the Cult) *

The Augurs (smaller sect within the Cult)

Doomsayers (wandering sub sect of the Augurs)

The Doorkeepers (Fanatical and outlawed sect)

The Blessed of Morr (Fanatical Flagellants)

  • possibly linked to the League of Ostermark Vampire Hunters

Heirarchy of the Cult of Morr

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