Beyond the Storm

Onward to Pritzstock

After a good nosh and well needed cash injection from the local mayor for bringing the refugees to their new home, Reuben Hurst and Elsevir Devlin convinces the group to head on to Pritzstock to investigate the ‘obviously’ necromantic flaming skulls. On the way they discuss the amazing probability that the young rescued boy has the same initials as the ‘WH’ on the crate. The group convinces themselves that someone is smuggling children and marking the boxes with the child’s name.

Asking the folk of Pritzstock about the flaming skulls gets so many conflicting responses that they are totally confused. Mellion Fallander ignores the rest and starts chatting up the local ‘Goth’ chick while Reuben and Hagar Skallhelm totally believe a snotty 8yr old boy who claims to have seen ghosts and charge off into the forest on a wild chase.

That evening the group retires to the home of the local mayor convinced that the cause is either chaos cultists or a Necromancer. Reuben gives a great oratory to the local people about their duties to protect the dead and thus they must all pull together to defeat these horror skulls. The populace are not at all convinced and only the local Militia Captain and two farmers offer to help with patrols.

Refugees to Schoninghagen

In Hunxe, the group find the hamlet destroyed and all remaining citizens are hold up in the quickly repaired local Inn. After some negotiation, Reuben secures some bandages and a cauldron of watered down soup for the refugees. They are allowed to sleep in the barn but warned of dark shapes snooping around at night. Guards are set, with the Elf staying outside – bow drawn, and the Dwarf Ironbreaker Hagar Skallhelm on the collapsed wall in the SE corner. The refugees huddle around the weak fire and an abandoned cart. Sure enough, the badly protected building is attacked by a mutant goblin band from the woods. Its a long fight, with Reuben nearly dying to an Orc with a lashing tongue and quicker blade, but the Dwarf manages to kill the Orc Boss (marked as a favorite of Khorne the Chaos God by a symbol on his forehead). This becomes Hagar’s 1st skull trophy.

The dawn finds the group nursing their wounds and suffering from the Galloping trots – obviously the soup was badly made! They need to find a healer for Reuben quick so move off back to the road towards Schonninghagen. On the way, they find a crate lying in the road with “WH” stenciled on the side. Breaking it open they find a drugged child of about 8years inside. The child is unable to be woken so put him onto the makeshift cart with the comatose Reuben and reach town by mid afternoon.

The large trading town of Schonninghagen is a mustering point for troops from elsewhere in the Empire to move to the front lines and is thus bursting with soldiery. Refugees fleeing the war have also spread into outlying fields such that the town has doubled in size. There is no food or shelter available anywhere except out in the open.

Hagar nearly starts a fight with some drunk soldiers outside a pub while Reuben is taken by cart to the Garden of Morr where he is tended. Almost a 3rd of the refugees dissapear during the night to make their own future even though Elsevir finds them all food and the group has spent the evening fishing. During the night, Reuben has his first prophetic dreams and requests to perform the rituals to become an ordained Priest.

After a crazy shopping spree the next day, the group leave for Grubentreich with the remaining refugees still suffering from wounds and gut rot. They find a broken coach that was run off the road apparently by a flaming skull which Hagar fixes into a dragster by dismantling his own cart for spare wheels and the group trundle into the village to offload the refugees.

A Chance of Employment

Reuben, the Priest of Morr receives a sealed letter and joins an Elven Merchant Envoy Elsevir Devlin heading north to the garrison town of Immelscheld. Once there Reuben discovers the disappearance of Morr’s Chosen – an Augur, Freidrich Boucher. Elsevir makes a deal with the garrison commander Reiker Geel to supply the medical requirements of the army hospital camp in Immelscheld.

Morr’s Priest and the Elven Envoy meet with the Dwarf and Kossar after the latter agree to escort 56 refugees from Holzbeck to Grubentreich. The main road to Schonninghagen is still dangerous with surprise attacks by roving bandits of Orcs or Beastmen and the refugees are slow so its no great surprise when they get ambushed by mutant Beastmen along the Altdorf-Middenheim road. Among the refugees are another Dwarf Hagar Skallhelm and a secretive Elf woodsman Mellion Fallander. A protracted fight eventually sees the characters win and drive the remaining beastmen off but only after losing eight refugees. With no chance to reach safety before night falls the group opt to stay at the little hamlet of Hunxe for the night.

A refugee camp outside Holzbeck
Refugee camp, Holzbeck

The sprawling refugee camp outside the military staging post that used to be called Holzbeck comes under attack from two Chaos Wyrms drawn by the smell of blood, offal or unwashed bodies. A young and wounded Kislevite Kossar Igor Belarov grabs his weapons and with the aid of a Dwarf Gunner Goran Varnisson from the 3rd Nuln Cannoneers takes up the fight as local militia run to engage the monstrous annelids. Reuben Hurst, an Initiate of Morr tending to the refugees deceased during the previous night narrowly avoids getting flattened as one of the creatures explodes from the ground below him and the Dwarf saves one of the army Surgeons Reiner Weiss from sliding into the hole and getting crushed. With a mixture of gunshots, spears and the timely appearance of an Apprentice Mage called Konrad the creatures are killed and the surgeon offers to patch up the badly raked Kossar while militia captain Adie Schultz offers to feed the group and introduce them to Commander Aelric Fasselbach next day who might well offer them employment.

South of Middenheim, 2523
Middenland 2523

Setting: In a grassy field outside the damaged town of Holzbeck, south-east of Middenheim, 2523. Location: Amongst the wounded after the siege of Middenheim, tended by the priestesses of Shallya.

A local peasant in another bed suddenly starts up a hacking and bloody cough, scrabbling at his neck which suddenly bulges grotesquely as a healer goes over to him. He writhes on the bed, his body inflating and skin translucent before his jaws literally split open in a horrible scream as a large maggotty thing with circular jaws like a Lamprey literally splits this human cocoon apart and rolls off the bed onto the floor.


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