Reuben Hurst

An anointed Priest of Morr (God of Restful Death, Dreams and Portents)


Originally an orphan from Talabheim and taken in by the Priesthood of Morr in Hergig, Reuben was sent to aid the Shrine of Morr in Middenheim. After completing an investigation into ‘floating skulls’ near the town of Pritzstock and for uncovering the machinations of an Arab Necromancer, Reuben has focussed his personal goals on thwarting the Cult of the Purple Hand with their schemes to destroy the Empire.

To this end, he has journeyed to Altdorf to be anointed as a full Priest of Morr…

Excerpt taken from Reuben’s private diary…
It is the day of reckoning within the Shrine of Morr, the day you pass the tests to become a truly anointed priest of Morr, the time to face your peers and bare your mind and soul to
their scrutiny. You find yourself standing in a dock beneath the black and white painted arch of wood in a lofty room pillars carved with symbolism of the God of Dreams and Passing. Before a large assemblage of your peers, dark cloaked and hooded persons of the jury, beady eyed ravens perched on end posts and on the backs of pews. You think there seems rather a lot of interest
in you from the other lay persons and priests as the room is packed, some standing in the shadows 2 or 3 persons deep. Before you, four seated and aged priests read from two huge and
dusty black tomes laid open on tilted lecterns or squint at you from under bushy and ageing brows. One of them, Lhekstir Kells, a friendly middle aged Augur of the Shroud and your assigned
mentor for this travail, nods at you from the board and a faint smile passes his lips, as if to ally your nervousness. You also notice with surprise when four towering and black metal clad
members of the Raven Guard Chapter move out of the shadows, their emerald green cloaks rustling as they step forward to flank the board of governors. Kells looks at them surprised,
then nods as if something suddenly makes sense, turning back to you a frown on his face.

The oldest and most senior member of the board, Lord Jakob Silverstone stops leafing through the book before him and catching you with a beady eye begins: Reuben Hurst, Journeyman Walker of the Shroud, your request for ascension to the role of full Priest of the 1st Gate this day is noted by the order.
Your past and recent deeds have proved your faith and dedication to the Priesthood of Morr, the destruction of the burning skulls in Pritzstock, the routing of the Necromancer in Middenheim… yet with you and upon you comes a dark and roiling cloud with a fateful cast. The Necromordegainen here before me never lies, it is always a matter of subtle interpretation. What say you to the accusation inscribed within? What dark forboding travels with you? Speak freely and honestly, for know this – many here listen carefully to your words and the portents of our Augurs have been set beside you as a mirror to your words and deeds.

My Lord, venerable servants of Morr, and loyal raven guardians, the Necromordegainen does not lie….my path is paved with darkness. I am bound by Morr’s hand to follow a quest to defeat fell forces of chaos – the agents of the The Purple Hand, and it is a goal that has an uncertain outcome. It will lead to places where the very forces of undeath beat on the door craving freedom across the empire. It will require the recovery of an item of dark antiquity, which can be used for salvation or oblivion. It is this potentially dark outcome I think you see, as all our fates lie balanced on the very blade of the Dagger of Yul’Kaum, the Khemrian artifact that the Cult seeks and that I must prevent them from using to free chaos unbridled. In this quest I must prevent the servants of The Great Mutator from slaying a young Morrian priest who’s name is unknown to me yet, unknown to us all I suspect. And at one point on the path, I know I will stare through Morr’s gate, and face my own demons, confront the graves of my past, and look into the reflection from the coffers of my very eternal soul. I am sure that failure will cause me to walk toward darkness – to stand next to the Great Mutator as his servant.
And should I fail on my quest, then the fate you see in the Necromordegainen will occur, which means today’s investiture is all the more critical to the fate of us all – it is an endorsement and strengthening of Morr’s will, a committment to rout this blight made in front of Morr’s faithful, in the House of Morr. If there be those amongst you who want to ignore this fate, or seek a new person to walk this unwelcome journey, then you have the chance now to do so – and refuse me entrance to the first gate.
But before you do so, (I’ll stand up again at this point, handing over my dream journal to Lord Silverstone open at the last page showing my latest dream sequence), know that I go to find the true path, with or without your blessing, but always with the words of Morr in my dreams……

Reuben Hurst

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