Johann Schmidt

A young Nobleman and apparently heir to a Barony


Johann Schmidt is the assumed travelling name for the young Baron Freidrich von Pfreifraucher, third son of Count Otto Pfreifraucher of Grissenwald. Having spent the last few years squandering his father’s money on drunken debauchery in Altdorf, the Count has arrived to take control of matters in the city and Freidrich has been told in no uncertain terms to “sort himself out before its too late!” The Baron’s answer was to flee north towards Middenheim with his current paramour, the daughter of a wealthy boatbuilder from Grissenwald on a “bit of an adventure”.
However, things have not gone to plan and after a very embarassing to-do in the 3 Feathers Inn, Freidrich is returning to Altdorf, minus his ex-girlfriend, in the company of an odd bunch of travellers that seem to court disaster wherever they go.
Only two days into the return trip and already Freidrich/Johann has had to defend himself against mutant orcs wielding machetes and helped to rescue the Grand Theogonist himself. Perhaps this could be the start of the adventure he’s always dreamed of (but never bothered to initiate) ?


Johann Schmidt

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