Jacques Quasson

A naive young Knight Errant, 7th son of a noble house of Bretonnia


Sent to complete his training as an Errant Knight during the latter stages of the Storm of Chaos, Jacques arrived too late to take part in breaking the seige of Middenheim but was present during one of the larger cavalry engagements near Norderingen.

Tasked by a dying Knight of the Order of Sigmar’s Flame to return a regimental banner to the Priesthood within the city, Jacques only realised later that it was actually a long lost heirloom of the order that had somehow been captured during the battle. Shortly after, the Sigmarite Priest who received the heirloom was murdered by a Skaven Clan Eshin assassin causing the young Knight to become enbroiled in the problems facing the ancient city.

Jacques has been retired from active duty (NPC) after single handedly taking on a cult of Tzeentch below a shrine to Sigmar and nearly being burnt to death.


Jacques Quasson

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