Hagar Skallhelm

Refugee Ironbreaker from the mountain Dwarf holds


A Dwarf Ironbreaker (Soldier) from the Mountain Dwarf Holds. Forced to flee into the Empire when Orcs finally overran and sacked his home, Hagar has been despondent ever since. Joining the group as hired muscle, the Dwarf met a Trollslayer who proposed he shake off his past, sell his family heirlooms (armour) and take his grudge to the enemy.

This he has done and after many intensive tattoo sessions later is becoming a feared Trollslayer, keeping the taxidermists of Middenheim busy with an accumulating pile of enemy skulls including Skaven, Beastmen, an Orc favoured by Khorne and a Minotaur.

Notable moments: i) Furious that the Skaven leader escaped an attack, Hagar smashes a load of barrels releasing a cloud of potent warpstone dust over the party. ii) After sacking the tomb of a Champion of Chaos, finds himself wearing the black iron medallion of Khorne. Because it won’t come off, he gets it cut by a blacksmith who promptly becomes a smear on the wall as the backlash of warp energy destroys the smithy. Oddly, Hagar survives.


Hagar Skallhelm

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