A Coachman turned Highwayman of Middenheim


A Coachman of the Middenheim-Altdorf Postal Service originally from Salzenmund in Nordland, Gunther at age 19 has seen his fair share of horror. Frequently attacked, his job was to ride shotgun and keep the enemy off the coach as it sped along the main roads of the Empire. Adept with the blunderbuss, Gunther was a hardened Northmen, hiding his fear behind a thick beard. When his driver was shot through the neck by a spear launched from the woods, Gunther barely managed to steer the crazed horses and kept going until he reached Pritstock. There he met the group who needed passage into Middenheim and for the sake of armed company and a little money he accepted.

Recently, he’s found that being the rearguard for the group is highly rewarding and after standing in for Jacques Quasson in a dual and managing to maim the opponent before he could fire, Gunther has become quite the smug dandy, being fitted with fine clothes and a lovely pair of duelling pistols. He now fancies himself as some sort of Highwayman figure.


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