Goran Varnisson

A Dwarf Ironbreaker and Cannoneer from Karak Varn


Gorann is a Dwarf of the Karak Varn 14th Ironbreakers regiment who was thrown into frontline combat during the Storm of Chaos. Fighting as a shield for the 3rd Nuln Cannoneers, his best friend was killed right before his eyes by a Chaos Warrior. Gorann managed to put his axe between the enemies eyes but watched helpless as his friend bled to death on the field. His last words were, “take this cannon, Gorann. It should not be lost to the enemy.”

Gorann has spent much time training with this weapon and hopes that some day he can enrole in the Nuln Gunnery School.

He disappears with Konrad soon after the events of Holzbeck.


Goran Varnisson

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