A dirty Elf of no fixed abode


Eldillor has a burning need to kill Skaven and will hunt out any rumour he comes across regarding the filthy rat-men.


Eldillor is quite the enigma as he never talks about his background yet has the looks (if you can see under the dirt and grime) of a fairly high-born Elf. Rumoured to have come originally from Marienburg, all that is known is that Eldillor has come violently into contact with the Skaven and his burning desire now is to destroy them utterly.

Employed as a rat catcher in Middenheim, he also does the occasional job as a lookout for the city watch but is thinking that a spot of burglary might be more profiteable as the rich here are truly well off.

Embroiled in the attack on the Windhund Haulage Co (WHHCo), Eldillor has picked up a nervous facial twitch but has since chosen to travel to Altdorf with the Journeyman Priest of Morr, Reuben Hurst.


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