Duncan the Dour

Duncan the Butcher of Wurtbad - famous in the line of pasties and sausages.


Duncan is a new addition to the group as he has become embroiled in messy activities while paying his dues to the Middenheim city Watch.

As a shop owner in the City he has been obliged to become a militiaman during the aftermath of the Storm of Chaos when most fighting men are away and the refugee situation threatens to overflow into anarchy. Watchmen are hard to come by and so all freemen are obliged to spend two weeks of duty keeping the peace.

Rumour has it, Duncan is a famous charcuterer in Wurtbad, Stirland but having been conned into purchasing a run down warehouse in Middenheim rather than the famous delicatessen it was advertised as, Duncan hopes to put his fortunes back on track by taking part in the Sausage-fest that travels through Middenland during the summer months.

Duncan the Dour

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