Beyond the Storm

Workshop of the mad Arab

Ascending the stairwell, the team discover the true machinations of the Cult of the Purple Hand as they come across complete alchemical workshops and the bedroom of a mad alcoholic Arab Necromancer full of dodgy papers. The Mage tries hard to set this all on fire also but not before everyone raids the minibar!

Lots of notes and scribblings with arcane and head swirly symbols murmur of portents, legends and impending doom. Reuben grabs it all then heads again upstairs as the rumbling sounds and crazy giggling gets worse. The group burst in finally on a ritual to revitalize some undead Troll-creature hanging from the ceiling and fed with glowing tubes of liquid. Masked cult caretakers move to block them as Zombies stagger forward from wall niches. Reuben seeing the mad Arab Necromancer, launches himself at him weapon drawn but slides across a table scattering tubes bottles and lengths of gut tubing and falls in a tangled mess behind as the Arab’s scythe sizzles with warp energy and takes a slice out of his side. As the others fight off the zombies, the Lumen Mage suddenly howls in terror at the projected visage of the evil necromancer, unable to move as with a final wrench, the undead Troll rips free of its moorings and drops into the melee below.



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