Beyond the Storm

Infiltrating the WHHCo

Hagar, bored without someone to attack, stealthily crosses the roofs then drops down behind a startled Reuben who is investigating some stone steps leading underground. As Gunther draws his Blunderbuss and takes a stance behind the well, the Priest of Morr and Trollslayer disappear below ground, discovering the storage area for the Zombies and a disused house connected by a platform that might be an escape route.

Meanwhile, Jacques decides to face the Tzeentch hideout alone and in the Undercroft chapel below gets surprised by two acolytes pulling a mutant across the room. They shout for reinforcements then release the Mutant with the words “Kill him!” Jacques beats a hasty retreat up the stairs with the claw wielding mutant hot on his heels.

Gunther meanwhile is shocked when many skaven suddenly drop from the rooftops to surround him and as a dagger is pressed into his soft bits a rat-like voice in his ear demands a trade “You give me warpsssstone – I give banner!” Confused, Gunther just nods as he’s forgotten utterly what this is about. The Skaven disappear just as they arrived and shortly after, Reuben and Hagar return; Reuben on a mission to destroy any Zombies he can find. Unfortunately they seem to have forgotten about Jacques who, running into the main church, lets lose a couple of crocks of oil, splashing the stairs and the grinning mutant then fumbles out the matches, setting the man aflame as he piles into the unarmoured knight errant, knocking them both to the floor. Jacques struggles to free his weapons but the man has him in a vice-like death grip that burns them both. In a furious burst, the mutant boils then explodes sending flaming gobbets of flesh across the nave but Jacques is in dire peril as he staggers towards the heavy doors at the far end, his skin almost burnt away except on his face where he has the mask.

The team outside follow Reuben as he smites two more zombies, then the top of the tower high above begins to open revealing a glass pyramid pointing to the sky. The group know that something serious is going down and totally forgetting the rescue of the kidnapped children, find a door and make ready to storm the tower. It is then that Jacques reaches the main door and with the last of his strength, pushes off the bar that holds it closed only to discover the thing is also locked. He collapses, a burning wreck…

Outside, Gunther hears another voice close by and turns to see Mathias Hoffer and the Witchunters behind him. They demand to know what is happening, and shocked that the group have not yet bothered to rescue the children proceed to do so immediately, there discovering that Kristoff, the nephew of Anya Luger has been taken to the tower. While Mathias and Reuben move the kids, another Witchunter notices the smell of burning and breaks open the church door, finding a trail as though something burnt has been dragged back down the stairs to the crypt. Finally and too late for Jacques, the group investigate the church and break in upon a hasty ritual to murder the unconscious Jacques in honour of Tzeentch. Pistols flaring, the group charge in as the Acolytes draw daggers and move to protect their cult leader. Gunther fells one with a bullet through the head as the Trollslayer pulps another then moves to aid Jacques. As the Witchunter moves to intercept a mutant his body is wracked with gouts of pink flame and he falls writhing on the floor. Gunther seizes the opportunity to nick his pistol but is forced to draw his sword instead as a toad-like mutant leaps at him. Hagar meanwhile has octopus like tentacles wrapped round his head suffocating him as the wounded Acolytes recover and return to the fight. The Cult Priest growls as he blasts Gunther with the same spell but then the winds of magic change and his next spell fails and toady gets dispatched as its leg is hacked off. The Witchunter shoots octopus boy allowing Hagar to swing Grondinbar in a wide circle taking out the last two acolytes. The Purple Hand leader is on his own and backs into the alcove to summon a last protective spell but stumbles as his foot passes through the grating over the large well beneath. Hagar charges in and crushes the man’s skull before he can parry with his mace. Gunther collapses with relief, as aftershocks of pink magic set his nerves on fire. Hagar releases Jacques from the manacles, pulls of the Bretonnian mask that protected his face from the heat and flame and crushes it beneath his hammer “I learnt my lesson once already” he grimaces. Mewling pathetically, Jacques can’t argue.



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