Beyond the Storm

Hunting the Mad Arab

It seems the group have stumbled upon the abode of Antonio Aldenhag (Magister Impedimentae of the Altdorf branch of the Purple Hand) – so far the ruse seems to work as the confused man invites the group in for a quick drink and an explanation of why they are in Altdorf in such a haphazard fashion. Reuben mentions the Lieberung Estate and is not surprised that Aldenhag knows about it also. He also claims to need to meet with Saladhbar who has recently arrived in the city. Aldenhag offers to help and the next day the group tails him to a carpenters workshop where he is overheard to whisper some cult password to gain entrance. Thinking this must be the secret location of Saladhbar, the group plans a night raid in through the roof. Late in the evening, Elldilor heads up over the roof and shimmy’s down the cold fireplace while Reuben and the team knock on the outer door, attracting the guards attention. Asked the relevant day’s password Reuben manages to mumble the cult greeting to Tzeentch instead, amazingly confusing the guard enough for him to open the door slightly to hear better. As Elldilor creeps forward across the workshop floor, he knocks a box of tools onto the floor causing two further guards playing cards in a side room to see him just as Reuben et al crashes through the front door, smashing it against the doorman and breaking his wrist as he becomes tangled in the handle. Elldilor turns to the new challenge and a furious fight ensues as the cultists fight these intruders to the bitter but inevitable conclusion. A short while later sees only two cultists still alive, one a wounded wreck with a broken arm and another being tortured by Reuben. The group scours the offices finding information about fixing the Black Coach and a woman named Carlotta Selzberg. Happy they got what they came from, Reuben executes both wounded cultists. The group flee into the night.



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