Beyond the Storm

Finding the Black Coach

Once settled in Altdorf, Elldilor returns to the Inn with rumours of the black coach and Reuben arrives with an armful of information taken from the Necromordegainen (the revered prophetic tomes of the Order of the Shroud) now a full priest of the Cult of Morr. To complete the group, Duncan the Butcher of Wurtbad arrives with tales of the Sausagefest and announces he wants to learn the skills from Ursula (the Baron’s bodyguard) to become a Bounty Hunter, determined to catch the Charlatan who swindled him out of his Middenheim business. The group sift through the information provided from both the Priesthood of Morr and the results from the library search, adding two and two together and getting five and a half!
Nevermind. With Elldilor’s new seedy contacts showing them the way, the group charge off to the dock area where the black coach is being stored in a warehouse under armed guard. Young Baron F takes control by using his father’s coach to get stored in the same building. Reuben and the Baron hide inside while Duncan, the only other driver, makes payment, leaving his own guards – Elldilor and Ursula to watch over it. As the warehouse gets locked up, Duncan leaves in the direction of slappers corner…
A short while later and after much loud whispering, the group split with Elldilor breaking into the office to find the ledger that should reveal where the mad Arab is staying. Unable to read, he grabs it instead and while climbing through the internal window drops it with a loud thud, alerting the two watchmen. Ursula is forced to knock them both out while Reuben retrieves and scrutinises the ledger, finding no mention of anyone with an Arabic name. Perhaps frustrated, young Friedrich jumps out of the coach with his shiny new pistols at the ready and commands the 3 guards of the black coach to surrender. Fully intimidated by the unwavering pistols and armed backup, they do so and freely give the info of who owns the black coach, saying its not worth dying over. They get tied up and shoved into the black coach, but then Baron F uses Reuben’s real name when they discuss how to dispose of the evidence. To make it worse he then mentions Reuben is an anointed priest of Morr – the group realise the three prisoners have probably heard it all. Embarrassed and rather horrified, the team stands by while Reuben makes a swift decision, offers a prayer to Morr as he puts the prisoners to sleep then clubs them to death with his warpick. Not satisfied he demands that the outer warehouse doors are opened as he douses the coach in lamp oil, sets it on fire then drives it out into the dockland streets, the manic whinnying horses snorting at the smell and sounds of fire as the crazy rider in his billowing black cloak and cadaverous visage points it up the road then leaps off to safety.

Duncan appears at that moment and taking the Baron’s coach picks up the team before promptly hightailing it the other way before any witnesses arrive. Many streets later, the coach stops outside the address noted in the ledger and even though its midnight, Elldilor and Duncan agree to try and break in. A sash window later and the two of them fall through into a front sitting room. Elldilor goes to the front door, unlocking it from within and looks out into the street as Reuben gets a foot up and clambers through the window. Friedrich spots Elldilor and decides the more gentile option is to use the door. Inside the house, they get little chance to explore as a creak from upstairs is quickly followed by the thunk of a crossbow bolt hitting the young Baron full in the chest. He gasps and crashes down in the hallway, dark blood seeping around the deep wound. A moment where all is still, then a lantern flicks on and shines on Reuben. A second gasp as a voice behind it exclaims: “Kastor? Kastor Lieberung? What the bloody hell are you doing breaking into my house?”



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