Beyond the Storm

Entering Altdorf

At last the group arrive at the shining lights of Altdorf, capital of the Empire of Man; or rather the reeking cesspit of dilapidated shacks submerging into the muck of the many river islets by the weight of newer buildings stacked on top of them, all striving for the light. Rumour has it that the mad arab’s trademark black coach past through the gates a night or two ago and with Baron Freidrich as their guide, the group sets up in the Dancing Peacock, a well-to-do wine bar and cabaret venue, not their usual spit and sawdust establishment. Elldilor soon disappears into the city on errands of his own while Wolfgang Scheunacht (Priest of Ulric) offers them aid should they need it while in Altdorf. Reuben and the young Baron make contact with Dieter Klemperer, a Celestial Wizard who seems to have been expecting them. He makes suggestions as to who might help them in finding the dagger of Yul ‘Kaum and suggests their first stop is the archives of the Great Library. Reuben then sets off for the dark gated Shrine of Morr and his chance to become an anointed priest of the Death God.



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