Beyond the Storm

Chasing the Magister Tenebrae

With a few changes to the lineup, the new group (of Duncan, Reuben, Eldillor and Gunther) are deputized by the Middenheim City Watch with agreement by the Witchunters of the Ordo Fidelis to track down the escaped Arab Necromancer; now known as the Magister Tenebrae of the Cult of the Purple Hand. The team procure horses from the WHHCo compound (Duncan takes a flatbed wagon) and head quickly out of the city and turn south towards Delberz, Reuben more and more concerned about folk watching him and sending threatening messages to his alias Kastor Lieberung.

A day out from Delberz the group stay for a night in the Three Feathers Inn. Strange things are afoot here in the presence of the Gravin Maria Ulricke Liebowitz of Ambosstein and her entourage. During the night a bounty hunter named Ursula steps in to prevent a young man named Johann Schmidt (who is also apparently a Baron) from getting horsewhipped by an enraged and very drunk merchant as Johann’s girlfriend is forced to look on. A brawl ensues as the merchant’s bodyguards try to intervene and during the melee Glimbrin Oddsocks (a ne’er-do-well Halfling) nicks everything he can including stuff from the noble’s room and peoples pockets. Eldillor meanwhile gets blind drunk, passes out in his own sick on the floor of the barroom then his dagger is found later in the back of the judicial champion upstairs.

Gunther being unable to hold his drink, loses his way upstairs and ends up sleeping in a store cupboard. Reuben challenges some false priests of Morr smuggling a man in a coffin and in the fight that follows knocks one down, awaking Gunther who angrily attacks the man with a soggy mop and bucket. Either way they capture two of the pretend priests who claim the man they have subdued is a wanted agitator in Altdorf. Ursula is very interested in this but gets sidetracked when after finding the Elf’s dagger, he gets nearly lynched by angry (and somewhat racist) patrons kept awake by all the noise and interruption from upstairs. The Elf foolishly perhaps hopes his new friends will save him somehow and keeps quiet as a rope is thrown over the big oak tree outside and in the pelting rain is looped round the neck. Reuben manages to finally persuade the unlikely aspects of the case to the Gravin who agrees its a poor assassination to leave obvious condemning evidence on the corpse and calls a halt to the lynching as the locals are pulling on the rope.

After a call for all guests and staff to congregate, a multiple murder is found, with the lawyer and a servant also being found dead in the room with a sleeping Duncan (whose more or less comatose himself). The agitator from Altdorf manages to escape into the rain.

The Gravin Maria Ulrike demands a replacement for her judicial champion for the upcoming court case and chooses Gunther. Still drunk, Gunther foolishly agrees. The rest catch a few hours of sleep before the roadwardens arrive at dawn and interrogate everyone.



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