Beyond the Storm

Battle in the WHHCo tower

The tower zombies are quickly dispatched by the Dwarf and Duncan between them while the cultists find themselves outclassed by the swift sling skills of Ellidor. One shot breaks a hand, the cultist dropping his weapon and allowing the Elf to dive in and stab him. Reuben after being flung across the room by the Zombie Troll picks up a zombie body and throws it back. The Troll grabs it and tears it in two merrily. Gunther challenges the cult priest who uses foul Chaos magic to spew yellow goo all over him even as Gunther shoots him dead.

The cultists are finally overwhelmed but the Troll is using a table in both hands to swipe at Reuben who hits a wall and crumples unconscious. Gorgrimm finally gets in beneath the Troll’s defense and with a good hit finally fells the undead beast. The Troll smashes to the floor and the gem bounces out of its cranium. Duncan grabs for it only to get his hands badly burnt as the thing is glowing hellish cold. They bundle it into a sack and take it anyway. Seeing his forces decimated, the mad Arab flees cackling up the stairs and out onto the roof of the WHHCo building. Gunther gives chase as the Necromancer jumps down into a black coach waiting secretly in a barn. The doors are kicked open and the four horse coach charges through the city watch outside and out into the road. Gunther leaps onto its roof then tackles the undead coachman who is driving. They grapple and fall into the road and after smacking its head onto the cobbles repeatedly, gets a good knife thrust in that kills it. Sadly the careening coach and its mad occupant is long gone in the night streets of Middenheim.



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