Beyond the Storm

Attack on the Shrine of the Shining Rock

Where the group unknowingly aid a VIP

While Gunther leaves with the Gravin Maria-Ulricke and Duncan heads off to a nearby village for a local Wurstfest, the rest of the group (without horses) take a coach with Wolfgang the Ulrician priest and the sombre young nobleman whose girlfriend has dumped him after last night’s fiasco. It turns out this noble is the younger son of Baron Otto von Pfeifraucher, a well known noble of Wissenland.
Now south of Delberz, the group pull in to the Fox and Pelican but find it full of Knights of the Blazing Sun. The barkeep suggests a wayshrine down the road called the Shrine of the Shining Rock. Annoyed, the group are dropped off there and approach the shrine only to find a private ceremony is going on and no visitors are allowed. Doubly pissed and now getting dark the group head to the attending building in the hope of finding a helpful monk and perhaps hot water. However instead they stumble upon a scene of carnage perpetrated by Skaven who are still torturing whats left of the monks.
A huge fight ensues as the group’s stumbling arrival triggers the full assault of a Chaos warband hiding in wait about the shrine. Eldillor shoots down the skaven bursting out the door then dives into the bushes as some mutant Orcs dashing from out of the trees nearly scalp him. Reuben rushes into the building (perhaps to save any remaining monks) only to face an extremely hairy chaos Dwarf. They play hide and seek either side of the kitchen door only for Reuben to find himself on the wrong side and gets knocked out by a feline faced human mutie with a large hammer. The Knights of the Blazing Sun acquit themselves well by tackling a shaggy and putrid Ogre wielding a huge skull mattock and a mewling chitinous monstrosity of a spawn that clabers over the building’s roof as a blue skinned Kurgan hero charges in, wielding a massive 2H axe. Larander and Wolfgang back towards the shrine entrance, blasting enemies nearby with bolts of blazing light and muttering incantations respectively while the young Baron gleefully tackles the two rampaging orcs, offering to galantly protect Ursula the bounty hunter who is systematically finishing off the wounded enemy. She has to admit however that the young Baron out fights both Orcs with skill and panache.
As Larander reaches the doors of the shrine a sudden magical explosion from within blows out all the stained glass windows showering everyone in lethal shards and flattening the Lumen Mage beneath the heavy wood doors. The Blue Kurgan laughing manically, has a strange habit of phasing out of range when hit in combat and after dispatching a Knight through the man’s visor disappears for good it seems. Those of the defenders that are still on their feet dash in to the shrine where thick mist roils across the floor and three robed figures intimidate a third in the expensive priestly robes of a Priest Lord of Sigmar. Magical energy ripples throughout making everyone’s hair stand on end. The third Knight of the Blazing Sun dashes in to protect his master only to be caught off guard and sliced in half by the Kurgan behind a pillar. With a roar the chaos champion leaps over the corpse and runs towards the Sigmarite. Wolfgang disappears into the mist flanking the magical combatants as Freidrich makes a thrust at one robed figure only to have him leap vertically up a stone column hissing from a malformed mouth. As Larander rushes after the Kurgan, the nobleman skewers the third robed attacker bent on breaking into the Sigmarian priest’s zone of protection. The man turns, spits burning acid into the Baron’s face but its enough to give the holy priest a chance and he explodes the man from the inside out in a detonation of righteous fury. The frenzied Kurgan leaps for his quarry, twin bladed axe glinting but is cut down in a cross blast of energies from the remaining magic users.
As the dust (and bloody mist) settles it turns out the attacked priest is non other than Yorri XVI, Grand Theogonist of Sigmar. He thanks the group for helping to repel the assassination attempt and offers them aid in the future should they need it before riding off with his remaining Knights. Before he goes he scrutinizes Reuben as though he recognizes him then chuckles and points out the likeness to one of his guards. Reuben produces his letter proclaiming him as Kastor Lieberung but Yorri shrugs – never heard of him he announces.



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