Beyond the Storm

Assault on the WHHCo Tower

The Witchunters take control of the situation, remove the children, escort Jacques on a stretcher to the temple of Shallya and the group effectively splits into factions. Keeping under cover of view from the WHHCo guards now positioned on the balconies surrounding the compound, Reuben awaits re-enforcements from the City Watch before they launch the final assault on the Tower. He prays they get there in timeā€¦

A short while later, a whisper in the dark by the door signals that a scouting party of watchmen has been sent in first to take out the guards and open the main compound doors for the rest of the city watch. Reuben helps them out onto the roofs but when one of them (Duncan) slips and with a spectacular (and loud) yell slides off the roof and onto a parapet directly in front of a guard, the bells sound and the compound is alerted. A vicious fight ensues around the archway and entrance to the WHHCo made worse by the appearance of zombie carriers attracted by the smell of blood. Luckily they leap on anyone wounded and this includes enemy guards. Duncan manages to break free from the melee and runs to open the outer door for the main muster and city watchmen flood in. The scouting party draws near to the rear kitchen entrance below the tower and find a way in just as the main pack of cultists sweep forward to lock weapons with the surging Watchmen. The smaller group bash down the door and enter the main house only to face a thicket of manor guards with drawn weapons coming through the door at the other end of the corridor. The Lumen Magus (Larander) assigned to them decides to block the way by setting fire to the rear door and flamable corridor making their escape impossible so the group head into the tower and barricade the way behind them.



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