Beyond the Storm

An evening at Fleishmuller's Theatre

A couple of days later sees the group recovered from various ordeals and a message from Dieter Klemperer, the Celestial Wizard prompts them to once again try to find the elusive College. Luckily they meet up with Larander the Lumen Mage who has business at the Light College. Knowing the strange visual wards that protect the Celestial college from the public eye, he directs them into temple square and points out the stunning visuals of the bluish alabaster building with sixteen crystal domed towers rising like fingers above the city. Ellidor and Baron Freiderich keep having to blink and turn their heads as the natural environment keeps obscuring their view. Even as the main door silently opens before they can knock, the two have instantly forgotten what the building looks like or where it is. Once inside they stop for food in one of the kitchens, surprised that apparently they are already expected and after sating their appetites on good fun and finer wine, head upwards into one of the towers to see Klemperer. The old Mage is expecting them and offers a warning about a child in black, suggests a visit to the Ulrician priest, Wolfgang Scheunacht sooner rather than later and offers them four tickets to the Tilean Duke, showing tonight at Fleischmuller’s Theatre as guests of the well known Lord Frederick, patron of the Watch. The group heads off, confused for a moment by bloodstained footprints on the stairs but without any other signs of bloodshed they shrug and head off for a rendezvous with the Ulrician priest. Sadly they arrive too late and the poor man has been murdered, garotted then stabbed in the back. It also appears some documents have been stolen but a charcoal rubbing of his blotting sheet reveals notes he was making of evidence found in the church archives concerning the dagger of Yul’Kaum. Forcibly ejected from the scene of the crime by Templars of the order, the group heads away for an extensive shopping trip ready for tonight’s opera. In a busy marketplace they are suddenly attacked by locals who have instantly developed a manic gleam in their eyes. A woman leaps on Larander with a knife forcing the baron to stab her through with his rapier while others leap on Reuben and Ellidor. In the scuffle before the Watch arrives, the Elf spots a small child wearing a black hood staring at him. Ellidor gives chase but is floored by a burly stevedore carrying a hefty sack of grain and the child escapes through the crowd. Reuben breaks away from pursuers and cracks the man across the skull with his warpick, flooring him.
That evening, the four are guests of Lord Frederick, a friend of Baron Friederich’s father and regale him with tales of their exploits against Chaos. Konrad Messner the Wizard Lord of the light college is also a guest of Lord Frederick and is interested to hear news that the Tzeentchian cult wants to capture the Dagger of Yul’Kaum. Messner reveals that it is one of the artifacts hidden in the vaults beneath the college. Unfortunately, the discussion is terminated when suddenly various members of the theatre cast and guests begin to suffer horrible mutations. The lead actor chokes to death on bilious vomit while the drummer becomes a seething mass of tentacles. In uproar, the guests start a stampede for the exits as other mutants appear among them. The Baron draws Larander’s sword and leaps onto a drape intending to slice down to the floor twelve feet below but something snags and he topples backwards to crunch over the seats below. Ellidor and Larander leap for the stairs to the ground floor as a woman covered in long quills cowers below them. As Ellidor leaps over her, she cowers even more and scores of quills suddenly eject from her body studding the walls and floor and piercing Larander’s robes. The Elven mage grins and sets the mutant woman on fire. Meanwhile Reuben has much the same idea as a feathered individual starts to clamber over the railings into the balcony box. Dousing the man in brandy, he borrows Lord Frederick’s cigar and engulfs the mutant in flame just as Messner sends a bolt that blasts the mutant’s head from its shoulders. The corpse drops into the scattering crowd below. With bellows of encouragement, Lord Frederick starts firing off his pistols into the stalls below as Ellidor and Larander rush to help the unconscious baron. It is then that the outer door is kicked open and Gottri Hammerfist and two Witchunters burst onto the scene and head for Messner. Larander joins the Wizard Lord to face the Witchunters creating a shimmering wall that blocks their pistol shots as they attack the mages. Before blood can be drawn however, Lord Frederick arrives and in the name of the City Lords of Altdorf demands the Witchunters stand down immediately. Gottri, swearing in Khazalid lowers his axe in silent fury.



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