A Campaign game for WFRP 2nd Edition.

The Storm of Chaos is over and the Empire is reeling from the blow dealt by Archaon and his forces of Chaos Undivided.

Although the capital Altdorf has seen little fighting, Middenheim (City of the White Wolf) in the northwest of the Empire has suffered a long and terrible siege; Ostland, Hochland and parts of Nordland as well as Middenland itself has been overrun as forces of all the four Chaos Powers have been met by uprisings of cults, hordes of Greenskins, Beastmen and Mutants from hidden places within the Drakwald Forest.

Although timely support from Altdorf, the southern cities and a detachment of Elven Mages from Ulthuan have overthrown the siege and Archaon has been beaten into retreat, the land is no where near a safe place as pockets of fierce resistance still abound, Brass Keep is still a stronghold of Chaos Warriors as is the Middle Mtns and scattered forces still prey on settlements across the region.

Beyond the Storm

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